Homes, cars, and actors wanted for movie.

The Redwood Region will be visited by yet another movie this winter. The film is currently scheduled to shoot the entirety of the project in the area and will depend on many local resources to make it happen. Descriptions for locations, prop cars, and where to submit for local acting talent/background are listed below. Compensation provided.

The ideal attributes of the homes would include a colorful exterior for a two-story house built pre-1985. NO modern/contemporary homes. The production prefers the homes to be lightly run down appearance with no obstructions in front of the home (i.e. no large bushes or tall fences) and an adjoining driveway. The ideal interior of the home would have a dated kitchen and bathroom (circa 1960s-1980s), which could include wood paneled walls or wallpaper. Open floor plan for kitchen and living room. Production will require three days of filming and another two or three days for prep/ strike.

As for the vehicles, the production is looking for the following styles all in running order:

  • Car #1: 1980’s quirky compact sedan or compact boxy wagon. Nissan Stanza or Toyota Tercel wagon preferred. Red, burgundy, or other bright colors are ideal.
  • Car #2: 1980’s-1990’s compact foreign sedan in rough shape. Body damage and mis-matched color body panels are preferred.
  • Car #3: 1980’s-1990’s full-size American 4-door sedan in rough cosmetic shape. Car should be a conservative color (brown, beige, blue, grey).
  • Car #4: 1980’s-1990’s luxury car in excellent condition. Black color is preferred. Examples could be a Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, etc.
  • Car #5: 1980’s-1990’s four-door American police car. Car does not have to have police gear or graphics. Preferred cars include Chevy Caprice, Ford LTD/Crown Victoria, Dodge Diplomat, or Ford Taurus. Open to most colors.

If you have a home or car that matches the above descriptions, then please email a picture of the home/car with your contact info to

The feature will, also, be hiring locals as background and some minor speaking roles. Those interested in being in front of the camera, should sign up with Redwood Curtain Casting

Photo credit: Courtesy of Lost Coast Outpost